Top 33 Digital Marketing Agencies in the Philippines

Top 33 Digital Marketing Agencies in the Philippines

Digital marketing plays a crucial role in business success, and choosing an agency is essential to realizing online growth. Here is our comprehensive ranking of the top digital marketing agencies in the Philippines by website traffic data; this analysis can identify agencies that have successfully attracted significant online audiences, demonstrating their effectiveness at driving client results.


To create this ranking, we gathered 300+ digital marketing companies based in the Philippines, according to, a reputable platform for company listings. We then analyzed the website traffic data of each company using Ahrefs, one of the most accurate tools to measure monthly website traffic. Based on the analysis, we concluded a list of the Top 33 digital marketing agencies in the Philippines with the highest website traffic. These agencies stand out for their ability to attract and engage a substantial online audience.

Time Frame for Data Collection

The rankings and website traffic data presented in this article are based on estimates gathered from Ahrefs, a trusted SEO tool, as of May 18, 2023. It is important to note that website traffic estimates provided by Ahrefs are subject to fluctuations and may vary over time. The data presented here is intended to provide a general overview and should be used as a reference point rather than absolute values. Various factors, including marketing campaigns, industry trends, and search engine algorithm changes, can influence digital marketing agencies’ website traffic. Therefore, while the rankings offer insights into the online presence of these agencies, it is recommended to conduct additional research and evaluations to make informed decisions

Top 33 Digital Marketing Agencies in the Philippines Based on Website Traffic

AXJ Internationalajmarketing.io3222,158International
SEO Hackerseo-hacker.com745,100Local
Pronto Marketingprontomarketing.com743,565International
NuWorks PHnuworks.ph212,693Local
Creating Just Growth, Inc.digitalmarketingphilippines.com671,634Local
Online Philippines,433Local
Syntactics, Inc.syntacticsinc.com431,370Local
XS Multimediaxsmultimedia.com91,224Local
Growth Rocket Inc.growth-rocket.com371,072Local,042Local
WAZILE Inc.wazile.com61837Local
FilWeb Asia Inc.filwebasia.com34799Local
M2.0 Communicationsm2comms.com25429Local
Optimind Technology Solutionsmyoptimind.com56382Local


This ranking of top digital marketing agencies in the Philippines by website traffic provides valuable insight into their online success. Agencies that have achieved higher positions have demonstrated their mastery of implementing SEO strategies, content marketing techniques, social media engagement strategies, and user-friendly website designs that drive significant website traffic – evidence of their ability to engage their target audiences effectively and reach them successfully.

Implications and Recommendations:

This ranking illuminates the significance of website traffic as an essential metric for evaluating digital marketing agencies’ success and effectiveness, giving businesses looking for digital services a way to quickly locate reputable agencies with solid online presences that deliver results. Businesses looking for services should use this ranking to identify reputable agencies with substantial website traffic that have established online facts they can utilize when selecting digital providers.

Digital marketing agencies looking to establish or strengthen their online presence should prioritize implementing comprehensive SEO strategies, creating high-quality and engaging content, optimizing website design for user experience, and effectively using social media. Regular analysis of website traffic data can assist agencies in tracking online growth while making strategic decisions that lead to continuous improvement.

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After researching 300+ digital marketing companies listed in the Philippines on and analyzing their website traffic, we compiled a ranking of the top digital marketing agencies based on online presence and website traffic analysis. These agencies have demonstrated an ability to attract and engage significant online audiences through successful digital marketing campaigns; by considering our ranking and following its recommended strategies, businesses can make informed decisions regarding choosing an agency that will bring exceptional results and foster online growth.



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