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Business Spotlight: Wise Cleaner: A Story of Creativity, Community, and Inspiration

Jemary Sebastian Wise Cleaner

In August 2020, when the pandemic and lockdowns were making it difficult for many people to find work, Jemary Sebastian, a mother and soon-to-be second-time parent, faced the same challenge. She needed to find a way to generate income for her family, but finding a job was impossible, given her circumstances.

However, Jemary didn’t give up. Instead, she got creative and started researching ways to make her home care products. She quickly discovered that making high-quality dishwashing liquid, fabric conditioner, liquid detergent, hand soap, toilet cleaner, and other home care products was possible using simple raw materials and kits. She saw this as an opportunity and started her own business, Wise Cleaner, selling these DIY home care kits and raw materials.

Wise Cleaner strives to motivate people by offering them opportunities to save and make money simultaneously. Through their products and services, they aim to enable people to become more self-reliant and independent during these trying times. As its business has expanded further still, Wise Cleaner has also created a close-knit community surrounding its brand.

One of the critical elements of Wise Cleaner’s community is their “Wise Cleaner Negosyo Tips” online group, designed to bring members together and share experiences, ideas, and strategies for business success. Within this space, members support and motivate one another by sharing knowledge and expertise to help others realize their dreams.

Wise Cleaner believes the key to their success lies in inspiring and motivating others through sharing their experience and knowledge. Within their Negosyo Tips group, members are encouraged to learn from one another while helping each other grow as individuals while building a community of like-minded individuals.

Wise Cleaner Negosyo Tips group members receive tips and advice and are taught how to create their home care products – saving money and becoming more self-reliant in doing so themselves. By making mistakes within a safe environment and learning from them together, members gain confidence and resilience – increasing the odds that their business venture will succeed.

One of the greatest lessons taught to members of the Wise Cleaner community is how to handle rejection gracefully and professionally. Rejection in business can be discouraging, but within the community, members learn how to respond gracefully and professionally; they understand rejection as an opportunity for personal growth rather than failure.

Wise Cleaner’s story is one of creativity, community building, and inspiration. Jemary Sebastian was driven to build her successful cleaning service business out of determination and resourcefulness, creating one for her family and others in need. Through their community-building efforts, Wise Cleaner has fostered an encouraging network of individuals working towards one goal – becoming self-reliant and successful individuals.

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