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Sabon ni Kabayan: From Failures to Soapy Success – Resilience, Innovation, and Empowerment!

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, success often emerges from the ashes of failure. Such is the inspiring story of Rovel Cliff Roasa, the founder of Sabon ni Kabayan Philippines. After experiencing the disappointment of ten unsuccessful business ventures, Rovel persevered and eventually established the flourishing enterprise we know today.

Rovel Cliff Roasa with Jude Hicap on “Sa Bayan ni Juan” segment by DZRJ. Source: Sabon ni Kabayan Philippines Facebook Page

Embracing Failure: The Journey Begins

Rovel’s journey began after his college graduation when he launched his first business in Echague, Isabela. Their initial venture involved purchasing and repackaging various food products from Manila for sale in Isabela. Unfortunately, they could not compete with the competitive prices offered by numerous distributors already present in the province. Undeterred by this setback, Rovel recognized that failure was integral to the path to success and was determined to learn from his mistakes.

Weathering the Storm: From Fitness Industry to Dishwashing Liquid

The emergence of Sabon ni Kabayan traces back to a period when Rovel and his wife operated a fitness and spa business. However, the unforeseen arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of their enterprise once again. Determined to rise above adversity, Rovel and his wife liquidated their assets and started afresh. Recognizing the need for pandemic-proof businesses that could sustain themselves even during challenging times, they decided to delve into the production and distribution of essential products like soap and detergent.

Source: Sabon ni Kabayan Philippines Facebook Page

Pandemic-Proof Business: The Birth of Sabon ni Kabayan

Starting with a humble capital of ₱500, Rovel and his wife became resellers of a dishwashing detergent kit in Isabela. They understood the importance of businesses that catered to basic necessities, as these industries tend to remain resilient in the face of crises. Operating from their garage, they procured raw materials for dishwashing liquid production from Metro Manila, taking advantage of the limited transportation opportunities available for businesses dealing in essential goods.

Since its inception, Sabon ni Kabayan has come a long way. Today, it boasts a fully-fledged office in Pasay City, Manila, and actively engages in livelihood programs in collaboration with cooperatives and local government units. Sabon ni Kabayan offers a do-it-yourself (DIY) kit for dishwashing liquid production, priced at less than P200, making it an affordable and accessible option for aspiring entrepreneurs. The company extends discounts to cooperative and organizational initiatives, further emphasizing its commitment to community development.

Expanding Horizons: Livelihood Programs and Cooperatives

The reach of Sabon ni Kabayan extends beyond Isabela, having expanded its operations to cater to cooperatives in General Santos and Region 6. Notably, they have also established a partnership with the Isabela State University Cooperative, bringing their products closer to home. In addition to their flagship dishwashing liquid kit, Sabon ni Kabayan now offers kits for fabric conditioner, pet shampoo, car shampoo, tile and bowl cleaner, and hand wash soap, catering to diverse consumer needs.

Innovation for Sustainability: The First Dishwashing Liquid Vending Machine in the Philippines

A significant milestone for Sabon ni Kabayan was the invention of the first-ever dishwashing liquid vending machine in the Philippines, developed in 2022. The concept behind this innovation stemmed from Rovel’s desire to combat plastic waste by providing a sustainable alternative. Collaborating with a like-minded entrepreneur, Rovel transformed the idea into reality and created the Sabon ni Kabayan Vending Machine. Resembling a coffee vending machine in appearance, it dispenses dishwashing liquid and offers convenience to customers.

Source: Sabon ni Kabayan Philippines Facebook Page

The Sabon ni Kabayan Vending Machine can hold up to 20 liters of liquid and accepts ₱5 and ₱10 coins. It serves as an ideal addition to sari-sari stores, laundry shops, pet shops, and car wash establishments, facilitating the dispensing of various products, including fabric conditioners, dishwashing liquid, pet shampoos, car shampoos, and hand soaps. Priced at ₱10,000, the vending machine is available at a discounted rate for cooperatives and organizations. With each purchase, customers receive 45 liters of their chosen products and a tarpaulin. The vending machine comes with a one-month warranty and can be shipped to customers with additional charges.

Honors and Recognition: Acknowledging Excellence

Sabon ni Kabayan’s dedication and innovation have not gone unnoticed. The company has received recognition from prestigious entities like the ASIAN STERLING AWARDS, Philippines Buyer’s Choice, Outstanding Achiever, Q Asia Quality Excellence, Certified Merchant Partner, and World Class Philippines Awards Council, further affirming the quality and impact of its products. Aside from the recognition, they also featured on different radio stations nationwide.

Source: Sabon ni Kabayan Philippines Facebook Page

Contact Information and Office Location

To learn more about Sabon ni Kabayan and explore their range of offerings, you can contact them at 09959404616 or visit their office located at Wardly Building, 1991 Buendia Taft Avenue corner San Juan St, Pasay City, Philippines. For convenient communication, you can also reach out to Sabon ni Kabayan Philippines through their official page.

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Sabon ni Kabayan exemplifies the indomitable spirit of entrepreneurship, teaching us that failure is not an endpoint but a stepping stone to success. With their commitment to providing essential products and fostering community development, Sabon ni Kabayan continues to make a positive impact on the lives of Filipinos.

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